Completing the second tutorial section

In completing the second section of the TwinkleBearDev tutorial, they pose an exercise for the reader: given an image to small to fill the background, how do we tile the background such that the image fills the available area? My solution was to use SDL_QueryTexture to get the width and height of the image and

Getting things moving

I’ve been watching some videos by Daniel Shiffman on vectors and forces and I think that would something that would be fun to experiment with after getting images back on the screen with the refactored code. I think with what I’ve learned so far I should be able to implement a very simple physics system

Cleaning up

Today I went¬†through the code and completed turning the loose code in main into functions, and added a logging function to clean up the repetitious log code. Next time I’ll look into getting some images back on the screen and hopefully start working on moving things around on screen.

Getting started

The first step in any venture is to actually do something, you can sit around thinking about it forever and never actually get anything done, so that’s what I’m doing today. I’ve been interested in programming and game development for a very long time, my father and I even made a game once in QBasic,

I decided to start a blog…

So that’s what this is, the blog. My goal here is to chronicle my various (mis)adventures with coding, electronics,¬†machining and any of the other strange things I get up to that normal people rarely even think about. I’m hopeful that this blog will help me track my own thoughts as well as give me a