PastaCode Broken Snippets

It turns out that PastaCode, the syntax highlighting plugin I use is no longer being updated, doesn’t work with this version of WordPress and mangled all of my code so I’ll have to go through my old posts and see if I can replace the broken code and run it through my new syntax Highlighter

Youtube Settings for KDENLIVE

I’ve been working with KDENLIVE recently and trying to get a good result for YouTube, unfortunately while KDENLIVE is very powerful, it’s documentation is abysmal, most of it is out of date and none of it explains the syntax that should be used for the render profiles, the format is pretty esoteric and really hard

Game Design

Now is a good time to start thinking about the nuts and bolts of our game and how we’re going to make it all work. We can think of our game as a series of things with “is a” and “has a” relationships, we’ll probably want something like this: A Game class that has: A game state


Now that we’ve made this much progress, it might be time to consider re-working the code to actually do something, this might actually be something that is better left to another github repo so we can keep using this one as a testing ground for ideas.   I think what we’ll do now is take

Collision Detection

Today we’re going to look into collision detection. Collision detection works very much like our edge detection but we need to keep in mind that the objects location is a point, but it’s representation on the screen is a square. We’re essentially going to go through the list of objects and, for each other object, see